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Scores are a type of character statistic in Wolcen. They are numerical values that are converted into percentages, which are what are actually relevant to the mechanics of the game.

The known "score" statistics in the game are:

  • Critical Chance Scores: for both Attacks and Spells
  • Speed Scores: for both Attacks and Spells
  • Status Ailment Chance Scores: for Attacks and Spells, as well as individual scores for each ailment
  • Dodge Chance Score
  • Resistance Scores: for All Resistances, each category of Resistance, and for each individual damage type's Resistance. Resistances are not always referred to as "Score"s in the game, but they work by the same principles.

All scores are subject to diminishing returns: this means that when the score is low, adding some amount to it will affect the resulting percentage to a greater extent than adding the same amount to a higher score.

The correspondence between score and percentage seems to be different for every kind of score.

The conversion from a score to a percentage is also affected by character level. For instance: speed, critical, and ailment scores will result in their base values(0.0%, 5.0%, and 2.8% respectively) when the score is equal to character level(which is the default state without any modifiers applied).