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The four attributes in Wolcen, Ferocity, Toughness, Agility and Wisdom, are statistics that each strengthen a different aspect of your character.

The base value of each attribute is equal to your character's level. You also receive 10 attribute points every time you level up, to divide as you please.

In addition to their individual effects, each attribute value contributes to a bonus damage modifier that applies to all damage dealt by the player. The magnitude of each attribute's contribution depends on their relative magnitudes: the highest value("Primary") attribute contributes the most, and so on. This means that putting all available attribute points into a single attribute will maximise this damage bonus.

All spent attribute points can be refunded by paying an amount of gold that increases with character level.

Ferocity[edit | edit source]

Ferocity. Affects your Attack Critical Chance Score and Spell Critical Chance Score.

When you level, your critical hit chance degrades.This degradation cannot be made up by the 10 points you place into ferocity alone.

At level 32, with 419 ferocity and 57% chance to critically strike with attacks, the chance degraded to 56.2% when leveling up to 33.

Increasing ferocity to 429 only resulted in 56.7% chance to critically strike with attacks.

Each point of Ferocity increases both scores by 1.

Toughness[edit | edit source]

Toughness affects your maximum Health and Force Shield.

Each point does not give a flat amount of health and force shield, but instead increases a percentage that your base values(from character level and gear) are multiplied by.

Agility[edit | edit source]

Agility affects your Attack Speed Score and Spell Casting Speed Score.

Each point of Agility increases both scores by 1.

Wisdom[edit | edit source]

Wisdom affects your Attack and Spell Status Ailment Chance Scores, which form the basis for your individual Ailment Chance Scores for each ailment.

Each point of Wisdom increases both scores 1.